Introducing BSCWIN: The most sustainable fully decentralized lottery on BSC

2 min readAug 18, 2021


BSCWIN aims to provide the most sustainable fully decentralized lottery on the BSC network. It is designed to provide lottery payouts to users without the need to sustain trading volume using an advanced liquidity-lottery payout mechanism.

The Challenge with Existing Lottery Projects

Most existing lottery projects implement a tax fee on each buy/sell transaction that fills a lottery pool dedicated for lottery payouts. Unfortunately, as soon as trading volume decreases significantly, the frequency of lottery payouts falls, even ceases completely, which leads to a negative feedback loop and causes the death of such projects.

The Solution: BSCWIN

Instead of taxing each buy/sell transaction, the main BSCWIN contract retains full ownership of the liquidity pool and each time the lottery is triggered, it removes equal amount of $BUSD and $BSCWIN tokens from the liquidity. The $BUSD tokens removed are sent to the lottery winner, and the $BSCWIN tokens removed are sent to the Bulls DAO wallet, where the community can decide how to use them. To protect the liquidity while sustaining the desired frequency of lottery payouts, the contract cannot drain more than a set threshold of the size of the liquidity each day. So, for example, if the threshold is 1% and the size of the liquidity pool is $2,000,000, the contract will pay $10,000 a day in $BUSD tokens to lottery winners and will burn a total of $10,000 a day in $BSCWIN tokens.

The aforementioned mechanism has several advantages:

  • Lotteries will be triggered regardless of trading volume. Holders will not have to worry about new investors joining to sustain the project.
  • Removing BSCWIN-BUSD from the LP does not affect the price of $BSCWIN
  • The mechanism also ensures that the project’s liquidity will never be wasted or locked forever; at the worst case scenario, LP will be completely drained and funds will be distributed among BSCWIN holders in a fair and decentralized manner.

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