Introducing BSCWIN Bulls DAO: A Transition towards a DAO-powered NFT community

3 min readFeb 14, 2022


The long-awaited moment has come: we are happy to officially announce the establishment of the BSCWIN Bulls DAO!

ENS Domain Acquisition and Voting Procedure

We are thrilled to announce that the BSCWIN Bulls DAO wallet has successfully registered Bscwinbulls.eth domain for the DAO.

A Snapshot space will be created in the coming weeks to propose, vote, and execute new initiatives, in addition to selecting the most worthy proposals for Community Grants.


So far, BSCWIN has been led and maintained by its 8 founding team members. This was done to ensure the successful launch of both $BSCWIN token and NFTs, and to provide the ability to tune the various aspects of the ecosystem for its long-term sustainability.

The CryptoStarship team has helped tremendously in terms of project incubation, launch and building a solid and dedicated community. At this point, we consider it’s safe to deliver BSCWIN Bulls ecosystem to the DAO, transitioning from people-team dynamics to people-DAO dynamics. For this reason, the entire founding team has decided to lock their $BSCWIN tokens (~8*87,500 $BSCWIN) plus half of the marketing tokens (350,000 $BSCWIN) for 6 months through Unicrypt as the ecosystem grows ( The rest of the marketing tokens are kept under the founding team’s control as the DAO is being built.

The launch of the DAO gives power to the BULLS and opens up so many new opportunities for collaboration and coordination. 2000 BULLs with a goal in mind can now propose, vote and execute in the best interest of the BSCWIN ecosystem. In return, BULLS will be rewarded for their efforts and hard work.

This next phase of the DAO revolution comes with a level of transparency, honesty and brainpower that no team could ever give. New lottery participants and investors can now place their trust in the hands of 2000 BULLS, who will be there to answer your suggestions or concerns as that is their priority.

If you think you have ideas & skillsets that would be useful to the DAO, make sure to get your stake in the decentralized organisation by owning one of 2000 NFT Bulls.

Proud to announce that our community member Taz, starting now, will serve as the bridge between the BSCWIN Bulls DAO and its treasury to execute on voted initiatives. Taz is a dedicated individual best suited for bringing global adoption to BSCWIN with his outstanding quantitative skills and innovative ideas.

Marketing Plan

Moving forward, following the website upgrade, a Community Marketing Campaign will be launched over a 2–4 week period where BSCWIN Bulls NFTs & $BSCWIN tokens will be distributed to those who help adoption. A multi-faceted and thorough marketing strategy is currently in the works, including a buyback mechanism contract upgrade that will help $BSCWIN token through consistent positive buying pressure.

In addition, we will offer extra lottery incentives benefitting token holders. Specifically, over the next 2 months, 2 lottery winners per week will be randomly selected to win either one of the BSCWIN Bulls NFTs from the DAO collection or 2500 $BSCWIN lottery tickets. Your odds of success in winning an NFT bull or extra tickets will increase if you post in the discord testimonial channel. This means that lottery winners will have 1/14 odds of winning something extra.

Finally, one of our main goals for 2022 along with bringing mass adoption, is giving back to people in need; for this, we are going to work closely with our partners from MUNCH and develop a plan to leverage BSCWIN lottery strengths within our ecosystem to increase our charitable contributions going forward.




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