Construction of the first Bulls School has Officially Started

3 min readFeb 15, 2022

We have just received an exciting email from Aled at BuildOn, giving us a Ground Break Report that they have just started the initial construction steps. The Bulls school will be located in Amohiya, Nepal. Bellow you can find the multiple links from the emails with multiple videos from the Community we are supporting and the School Google Earth coordinates.

About the Old School we are re-building

“The community of Amohiya’s primary school, which is more formally known as Shri Jana Jagriti Primary School, has been a source of concern for this community’s parents. Nepal is an earthquake-prone area that also experiences severe weather during the monsoon season. Due to this environment, many buildings become worn and, over time, have difficulties withstanding the annual impacts of nature. This is Shri Jana Jagriti Primary School’s situation and the origin of the community’s major educational concerns. Although the school’s classrooms are built from concrete, they have been severely degraded under the rain, wind, and earth tremors, leaving the edifices as cracked, leaking, and fragile structures.
With the next nearest proper school a 12 km walk over forested terrain, the community members of Amohiya were left with few options for their children. Through your partnership, buildOn will be able to provide the village of Amohiya with a proper school block and latrines. Community leaders and buildOn staff members will also be working together closely to increase the number of students, especially girls, enrolled in this school. “

Usually the entire construction process from ground break until completion takes approximately 4 months, so we can expect to see the most Bullish School completed by July, 2022.

“Thank you BSCWIN Bulls and CryptoStarship for making this possible!”





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