BSCWIN is proud to reveal the Bull NFTs as a strategic addition to its ecosystem

2 min readOct 6, 2021


We are excited to share with you the big Bull reveal! We introduce the Bull NFTs, 2000 unique Bulls residing in the Ethereum blockchain network. Head over to our updated Website and check them out!

The team has been working day and night to deliver a highly sustainable and profitable ecosystem for our investors, combining the subjective value of NFTs and the objective value of tokens/shares.

  • The $BSCWIN token is responsible for storing objective value into the ecosystem via growth of the liquidity pool and distributing this value fairly among holders through a decentralized lottery process.
  • However, BSCWIN is much more than a sustainable lottery project. The Bull NFTs are responsible for storing subjective value into the ecosystem through their scarcity (only 2000 in circulation), their art, and their use case. Bulls will provide passive income to their holders, utility, and give them voting privileges with regards to the administration of BSCWIN DAO fund.

But we’re not done yet… In fact, the Bull Run is just getting started… and deep down… everyone is a BULL. 🐂🐂🐂

  • Out of the 2000 Bull NFTs, 50 will be distributed randomly to BSCWIN lottery winners on a 1 per day basis. These 50 Lucky Bulls will be identified as having a BSCWIN Gold background, and, apart from being very scarce/rare, will bear special lucky attributes.
  • $BSCWIN token whitelist participants will have the chance to mint the BSCWIN bulls first in a standard NFT presale process. By doing so, we aim to give a fair chance to early BSCWIN supporters to mint their bulls, and ensure that the majority of our investors hold both the BSCWIN token and at least one Bull NFT to maximize their returns & experience.


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