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BSCWIN Bulls: June 2022 Updates

BSCWIN Bulls 2022 Roadmap V2

Dear BullNation!
We are pleased to present our first medium article since becoming a DAO-run project. We have an awful lot of exciting things to catch up on, displaying all our achievements so far, what we are working on & what is planned would be impossible to release in one article. Our aim going forward is to release a medium article much more frequently.

BSCWIN Bulls RoadMap v2
May 1st saw the release of our brand new Roadmap. The feedback we received from our community was incredible. We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on!

The question on everyone’s mind since the creation of this project has been surrounding marketing, when will we BSCWIN, begin paid marketing & reach a wider audience. We initially set out to grow our community/project organically. We haven’t felt that the time has been exemplary due to the state of the current market & its downtrend in the past few months. The original team had multiple paid marketing fall through due to these conditions, The Ukraine Heavy Weight Champion — Oleksandr Usyk, a significant Youtube influencer & a call out from the Island Boys.

The DAO Core has ensured marketing is one of the main priorities. We all know how unique this project is. The utility BSCWIN carries, no other micro cap project comes close. The APY on our NFTs is one of the best in the NFT space, surpassing both SupDucks & CyberKongz.

We have teamed up with GenX Marketing to ensure BSCWIN does not fly under the radar any longer, so buckle up, sit back & enjoy the ride!

With their experience, knowledge, and expertise in scaling brands to new heights in the digital space, GenX Marketing is bringing a completely new dynamic to marketing in the NFT space. With a client retention rate of 95% and an average of 3x ROAS or a 65% ROI within the E- commerce niche across multiple brands, GenX is able to identify the perfect people that we want to be a part of this community. Without getting into too much detail, their strategy and main goal is to help us expand our reach to an audience we want. They will be aiming to put our project in front of the right people, the people that see what we are doing and are here for the long run, not just to flip. We want to build a community of like-minded people, people that see the bigger picture, a group of optimistic people that are driven by the joy of helping others. GenX will be deploying multiple means of Marketing such as: Social Media growth, management and strategy; Paid Per Click ads; Community Engagement strategies to ensure that we keep up the energy in Discord. Their full funnel marketing approach will allow us to run through marketing testing with as little budget as possible and will help reduce costs in the future due to them being able to narrow down our audience into segments of who will benefit the project and be with us long term, and people that are just looking to flip and don’t see the value in what we are creating.

BSCWIN Token Upgrade
BSCWIN’s current lottery mechanism has proven to be sustainable and reliable despite bear market conditions and negative $BSCWIN pricing action. This is the way it was intended to work via its advanced liquidity pool use case. Although, there are a few ways we can improve its rule sets to benefit our ecosystem and holders even more. The way the mechanism works now is by including every token from the BSCWIN supply (exception liquidity pool) to be eligible for the lottery. This seriously reduces your chances of winning while also keeping a lot of the supply liquid/ circulating, leading to dumps of tokens during panic/fear. Please head to The Lottery — BSCWIN Bulls to see more on how the current mechanism chooses a winner.

We’ve decided to add a few more simple rules into the mechanism and the first one is Soft Token Staking to be eligible for winning. This does two things, reduces the amount of circulating supply AND increases your chances of winning drastically. It’s a double edge sword. The fewer tokens staked, the more chance you have of winning.

The more tokens staked, the less chance you have at winning BUT the less tokens circulating (bullish supply vs demand). The lockup mechanism will be simple, you enter your tokens into a staking contract via the website. You can withdraw from the contract at any time, but must wait a 7? Day unbonding period. During that period, you will not be eligible for the lottery. If you wish to remove your coins immediately there will be an emergency withdrawal tax.

Bulls Payday Upgrade
Introducing Bulls Payday Staking and Luck Level Royalties. To be eligible for paydays you must now have your Bulls staked into an ETH-based contract along with your BNB chain tokens in the lottery staking contract. It’s the same thinking behind the Token Staking — the fewer Bulls staked the more Bull Payday rewards you receive. Why should we stop there? What if we added bonus payday rewards for those with High Luck Bulls? We’ve been waiting for extra utility behind these Bulls and here it is. If you have some lucky bulls that you’ve paid a premium for, now is the opportunity to be finally rewarded for it.

Gold Dust
At BSCWIN we truly believe that everyone is a winner. Gold Dust will be an exclusive benefit for all stakers. This will be introduced as a thank you gesture for committing to the staking platform & believing in our ecosystem. In certain time intervals, the DAO Bull with sprinkle ‘Gold Dust’ on all stakers, who will receive BUSD. We are still working on time frames & what percentage of BUSD we will be putting towards our exclusive Gold Dust feature.

Our vision has always been to give back to our loyal holders and with our new staking contracts, this is our first way of doing just that.



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