BSCWIN Bulls: January 2022 Updates

5 min readJan 16, 2022


BSCWIN Bulls 2022 Roadmap

New Website + Fiat Ramp

Dear BullNation,
Our main goal in 2022 is to increase adoption. Word on the Crypto Space says that 2022 is the year of the DAO’s (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and we believe our mission in the cryptosphere is important and our product still hasn’t even realized 1/50 of its actual potential. To help accomplish that, we will start off the year with a brand new re-designed website, specifically tailored to a wider market regardless of their experience with crypto. In addition to that, we will provide a F2C (fiat-to-crypto) ramp service to allow everyone to purchase $BSCWIN lottery tickets using their credit/debit card. This will facilitate the acquisition of Decentralized Lottery Tickets that never expire by anyone in the world, without restrictions.

Also, up until now we’ve only seen buyers being mostly investors and speculators. With the integration of the F2C ramp we will start seeing more and more “sole product” buyers. Consumers, that are not just buying with the intent of selling for a profit, but view BSCWIN for what it stands; a Decentralized lottery in which tickets keep paying over time and never expire, and instead of betting on something like Powerball/Euromillions, now can simply hold a digital asset that serves as a ticket, and which provides better odds of success. This new type of buyers will drive long term sustainability and support higher and higher price and lottery payout floors.

BSCWIN Bulls will not only serve as the go to decentralized Lottery platform of choice but also as a vehicle for crypto adoption since lotteries are a universal product with which everyone is familiar and represent a market of huge dimension.

What features to expect ?

  1. New Design tailored for Non-Crypto Users (Completed)
  2. User Portal to see Bulls NFTs, Ticket Holdings/Winners Averages and Claims (Completed)
  3. Unique Liquidity Farming (Created/Designed, Under Final Development):
    In order to increase price stability and ecosystem strength to prepare for the upcoming Bulls expansion, the DAO will allow for unique Liquidity Missions, where liquidity providers will, in addition to high APR rewards, be able to unlock some of the rarest NFTs of the DAO Collection. The best supporters of the ecosystem will be rewarded the most.
  4. NFT Rarities Upgrade: Database introduced in the backdoor making the user experience 10x faster and smoother with added information. (Completed)
  5. Fiat-to-Crypto (F2C) Ramp (Partnered — Under Development on their side)

When will the new website launch?

Aiming at the end of January-beginning of February. It will be dependent upon which features we choose to integrate on the initial roll. Most likely we will launch with base functionalities and introduce Liquidity Farming as soon as possible. Fiat Ramp is expected afterwards.


BSCWIN is all about changing people’s lives for the better by making lotteries transparent and accessible to everyone around the world. After over 275 successful Lottery drawings and over $132,000.00 USD in jackpots we would like to invite all past Lottery Winners to head to the Discord channel “#Testimonials” and write one. We will be choosing the best ones for the new website! Please keep it short and sweet.

Introducing BSCWIN Bulls DAO Grants

Community Grant ($500-$5000+, up to $20,000 USD Budget)
We have been actively listening to all the ideas and feedback given by the Community and appreciate it all. To accommodate every community member’s will, we would like to introduce Community Grants with a range of budgets to support endeavors that can be beneficial for the BSCWIN Bulls Growth and Ecosystem Expansion.
If you would like to develop a certain idea, promote it in a specific way, and need capital resources for it, please head to the Discord group “#grants-proposals” and submit your proposal.

Builders Grant (200,000 $BSCWIN vested for 3 months from DAO)
BSCWIN Bulls are expanding!
Besides being a founding team of 8, there is plenty more we envision for the future of BSCWIN Bulls and are looking forward to further scale. We appreciate the Community’s Support and Contributions and in addition to our Community Grants, we believe the project can also benefit by allowing more people to take an active part and contribute directly to its evolution.
Our DAO Vision is big, and for big goals, we need many Bulls.
If you believe you have a skill or know someone that can be of service to the BSCWIN Bulls DAO and be actively building with us please let us know($BSCWIN Grant amount will vary based on task importance/difficulty). Not mandatory but preferred skills: Spaces Host (Twitter), Content Creator/Marketer, Socials Manager (IG, TikTok, Twitter), Developer (Gaming).

DAO Votes

The BSCWIN Bulls DAO will start to run proposals via the platform in order to decide relevant ecosystem adjustments and vote on the most worthy proposals for Community Grants.


Public Giveaway
Currently ongoing for January, BSCWIN Bulls plan to continue to run more Public giveaways for the upcoming months.

Community NFT Giveaway
Also, in addition to the regular giveaway to the Public, the DAO will also introduce a new Community NFT Giveaway for an even rarer NFT prize. This giveaway will focus on current and new BSCWIN Bull NFT holders who show proof of the transaction on the Discord Group “#giveaway-tx”.

The planned Community NFT Giveaway of the first Rare is TOP #100 Dragon Baller:
BSCWIN Bulls #85

Effective Date: Only eligible for Bulls NFT buys after 1/16/2022 18:00 UTC (Today’s announcement)

Merch / Metaverse Game

To help manage expectations, the Metaverse game is not planned for before Q2/Q3. We believe that the aforementioned integrations are a priority for adoption and expansion, and will remain our main development focus during Q1.


We are planning to reveal some teasers during the upcoming week about the website and the Fiat-Ramp partner. Stay tuned BSCWIN Bulls, you are going to love what we’ve been working on!




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